May 19, 2011

Martha Stewart Living Boeuf Bourguignon Soup with Horseradish Chive Bread

As the summer months approach, my time for making new soup recipes is coming to an end. My desire for hot foods plummets when temps spike into the 90's, so  I have been hunting down the last of my soup recipes to test out. I pulled out a recipe for boeuf bourguignon soup with horseradish chive bread a couple of months back from Martha Stewart Living and figured I would give it a try.

There are few ingredients that I have a very hard time finding as long as I don't mind going to multiple stores. However, I have met my match in regards to finding bone-in beef short ribs. After looking at three separate stores in my region I asked the butcher and was informed that price of ribs has gone through the roof due to too many rib joints opening in the region. My next idea was to purchase a roast and use a soup bone, however, the butcher also informed me that the stores make more money selling the bone to dog food companies and therefore don't always sell them to the general public. So ultimately I had to make a major modification to this recipe due to unavailability of beef ribs. Instead of the ribs, I substituted a well-marbled beef roast. The other modification that I made to the recipe was that I used the bottle of Merlot in my fridge that I use for cooking, instead of the suggested Burgundy. The price of Burgundy is incredibly high currently and the cost isn't justifiable for my family budget.

The prep time for this recipe is short and the active cooking time only about 20 minutes of the roughly 3 hour total. My prep took slightly longer due to the fact that I had to cut my roast into pieces, instead of using short ribs, which would not have required the additional prep. The recipe is simple and easy to follow, with minimal effort involved. The bread portion of the recipe is particularly easy, the bread is store bought, with only a horseradish-chive butter being added.

Even though I had to substitute two major ingredients in this recipe, the end result was delicious. The bread was a particular highlight, with a sweet taste that my two boys particularly enjoyed. My husband remarked that the bread reminded him of a great alternative to steak house garlic bread, that he would definitely eat again in the future. I was denied my soup leftover the next day due to my two-year-old sticking his hand into the soup pot in the fridge, I will have to make this recipe again so I can enjoy multiple bowls!

For the recipe go to Boeuf Bourguignon Soup and Horseradish Chive Bread .


  1. Generally I would gag at seeing the word "living" in a recipe (lol) but this looks yummy! Following you back from the hop = )

  2. @ParentPalace, I hadn't read it like that until you said it, a living recipe wouldn't be my thing either :)
    @Kelly I haven't made cold soup in a couple of years, mostly beacuse I haven't found a recipe that I like. If anyone has a suggestion for a good cold soup recipes Im all ears, I would love to find soups that I could make in the summer!

  3. This looks so impressive! And I love horseradish, so I'll be trying the bread recipe soon...

  4. this one sounds really amazing!!!



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