May 21, 2011

Everyday Food Pasta with Eggplant-Tomato Relish

Earlier this year I decided I was, for the most part, going to stop buying store-bought pasta sauce. Due to couponing combined with sales, I had accumulated a large amount of both pasta and jarred sauce, which was beginning to take over my pantry cupboard. It was at that point that I decided I was going to start making my own pasta sauces from scratch. A recent issue of Everyday Food had a recipe for pasta with eggplant-tomato relish that looked simple and delicious.

This is a very easy recipe that has few ingredients. My local grocery store had all of the components needed and the prep time is only 5 minutes. My eggplant-tomato mixture took less than the 30-40 minutes of roasting time, which might have been due to the fact that I forgot to tear the tomatoes, so they were roasted whole. The end result tasted great, so I don't think that the over site made a significant difference to the recipe.

Everyone in my house thoroughly enjoyed this dish. I appreciated how little prep time the dish took and that most of the work was done by the stove and oven. My boys love any pasta dish and this recipe was a hit. The vegetables make this a hearty dish, which my husband particularly appreciated. I actually salted my pasta water efficiently, so the dish came out perfect. I'm slowly progressing on my salt inadequacies, it's a work in progress. All-in-all  this is a recipe that I will definitely put in my recipe folder.

For the recipe go to Everyday Food pasta with Eggplant-Tomato Relish.

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