January 27, 2013

Quick and Easy Peach Mustard Glazed Pork Tenderloin

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If you've read my blog for any amount of time you know that my family has a slight pork obsession. While this might seem funny it is also sadly true. My husband and two boys would be the world's worst vegetarians. I have tried adding more meatless meals in and I am successful about twice a week. However any more than that and I am met with whining and complaints about where the meat is. I don't know how I ever came into this family. Starting when I was 15 until I was 23 I was a vegetarian. It started when in high school I decided that I no longer wanted to eat meat for many reasons, most of which had to do with living in Seattle at a time when everyone was giving up meat (I really do mean everyone, it was definitely a fad). My health struggled since I was not a good vegetarian. There are great and healthy ways to be vegetarian and vegan, I did not follow these plans. I ate a ton of cheese, some tofu and lots of nuts. By my early twenties I was anemic and heavier than I was comfortable with. So I slowly added meat back in. Then I moved, met my husband and got married. I didn't realize how important meat was to my husband until we were married. Then I had my two boys and it has gotten even worse. Luckily I like meat also, just not to the level that they do.  Pork is a family favorite and I make it frequently, normally once a week. Last week I made a new recipe for Peach Mustard Glazed Pork Tenderloin from the December 2012 issue of Southern Living magazine.

This recipe has 11 ingredients. It takes a total time of 1 hour, 30 minutes of which is active and makes 8 servings. I did make a few modifications to the recipe. First I left out the bourbon. It isn't something
that I stock at home and I didn't want to buy just enough for the recipe. As most of you know I make my own chicken broth and this recipe was no exception. Do not overcook your pork. The one thing that a lot of people do is wait until their pork is overdone before pulling it out of the oven. Pull it out of the oven when it hits 145 and let it rest for 10 minutes. This resting period keeps the juices in so your tenderloin won't dry out. The recipe states to leave the roast in until 150, which is too long. The FDA now has 145 as the minimum temp for pork and the pork cooks at least 5 additional degrees while resting. If you were to take it out at 150, it would be 155 when it was eaten, which is overdone. Also, don't be alarmed if your pork is still slightly pink in the middle, this is normal. As long as your meat thermometer reads at least 145 it is fine to eat. If you don't have a meat thermometer, buy one, it is one of the most important kitchen tools a home cook can have.

The sauce on this pork was delicious. It was a nice combination of sweet from the peach preserves and savory from the mustard.  I also liked that it made enough sauce for everyone in my family. If you don't want to make 2 tenderloins this would work fine with 1. You would just end up with more sauce at the end. If you want a little more heat to the sauce you can add additional crushed red pepper, a 1/4 tsp isn't that much so it doesn't have a lot of kick.

For the recipe go to Peach Mustard Glazed Pork Tenderloin.
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