April 1, 2012

All You Tortellini and White Bean Soup

Since my youngest started kindergarten my life has seemed to be non-stop. I always thought that when one of my son's started school that things would settle down, I seemed to have been vastly uninformed it seems. Now my evenings are full of home work, tennis and t-ball practices. Don't get me wrong, I love that my son is active and I will fight against the genetics on both sides that seem to destine him to having problems with his weight. It just seems that I was not born with the right manual for dealing with all the craziness. A good case in point was this weekends t-ball game, I brought a large amount of snacks for all three of the men in my family and by the time that the openings ceremonies were over (and the actual game hadn't even started) all the food was gone. My five-year-old at the end of his game was in tears when the snack bag was empty and I was not in the best mood thanks to the lovely sports parents that I had the pleasure of sitting next to the whole game who laughed at my son when he was crying at having missed the ball. You may be asking yourself what all this has to do with cooking? Well, thanks to all this increase in activity I have made sure that my weekly menu plans include at least one very easy recipe a week. This very easy recipe is for those nights that by the time dinner rolls around I have already been ready to pull out my hair for hours. Last week I made a recipe for Tortellini and White Bean Soup from the March issue of All You magazine, which has 24 grams of protein and promises less than thirty minutes from start to finish.

This recipe has 10 ingredients. It takes 10 minutes of prep and 15 minutes of cooking time and makes 4 servings. I make all my own stock from scratch (here's my recipe link for chicken stock) and this recipe was no exception. To me homemade stock makes any soup taste so much better! For whatever reason my local grocery store only had whole-wheat cheese tortellini so that is what I used in this recipe. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

Complex recipes don't always equal better. I have tried a number of very complex recipes that turned into complete disasters. This recipe is an example of something very simple that can turn out very well. My whole family enjoyed this soup, especially my two boys who thought that having tortellini in soup was the best thing ever! I like how simple this recipe was to prepare and the flavors worked well together. A very family friendly recipe that I would make again in the future.

For the recipe go to Tortellini and White Bean Soup.
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