October 26, 2011

Taste of Home Lemon-Thyme Bread

I remember when I was younger helping my mother pick fresh herbs from the herbs pots she had all over the yard. Pretty much any type of herb she could get to grow we had. I loved all the smells and tastes that they created in the recipes my mother would make. There is something so delicious about baking and cooking with fresh herbs. When I moved out on my own I kept a herb garden on my window sill to mix fresh herbs into eggs and the other simple dishes I made on a limited budget during college. When my husband and I got married we lived in a small apartment with no space for herbs, so for the first time I utilized the local grocery store to buy fresh ingredients. Today my biggest homegrown herb deterrents are my three cats and no window or yard space. So I have bought fresh herbs from the grocery store for many years now. Luckily the selection is relatively large and I have always been able to find what I need. Recently, the November issue of Taste of Home magazine had a recipe for Lemon-Thyme Bread which looked easy, delicious and full of fresh herbs.

This recipe has 11 ingredients. It yields one loaf with 12 slices and takes approximately 25 minutes of prep and 40 minutes of baking. I had no problems finding any of the ingredients at my local grocery store. I found with the ceramic dish that I baked the bread in, that I had to add an additional 10 minutes to the baking time and tent the top with foil after the first 30 minutes or so. Without the tenting the top of the bread loaf would have burnt; with the tent it turned out perfect. I chose not to sprinkle confectioners sugar over the top, I try to avoid additional sugar if possible and this bread was delicious without the addition. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

I was very impressed by how well this bread turned out. Normally, I make non-savory breads about once a month and I tend to make banana or fruit bread. Previous to this recipe I had never tried making a lemon bread with fresh herbs and I was pleased with how well the flavors blended and complimented one another. This bread would make a great hostess gift or as a breakfast with melted butter. Overall, a sweet and delicious bread recipe.

For the recipe go to Lemon-Thyme Bread.


  1. This sounds yummy. I too live in apartment and dream of having an entire edible backyard, including a giant herb garden.

    Enjoyed your post. I'm over from the Thursday Thoughtful Hop.

    Today I have an interview with editor Ellen Datlow on my blog. Hope to see some people hop on by.


  2. @Nora Thanks :) I wish that I had a giant yard that I could grow all the herbs and veggies that I use on a weekly basis, but that's not an option in my current apartment! Going over to your blog to check out your post :)

  3. That sounds so good. So refreshing.

  4. Thank you for your kind words. I am working hard at it. Some days are a struggle...and this entire week seems to be one, but I am getting by. That's is OK though. That just means have I will an awesome next few weeks! =)

  5. That looks soo Yummy. My parents are big gardeners. I had a small garden this past year and not much grew. I live under a million (ok maybe I exaggerate) pine trees. Not so good for growing veggies.


  6. My sister in law is growing thyme in her yard and is a fabulous cook. I think I might beg her to make me this!

  7. @Amanda It is very refreshing with the herbs and lemon, they make a great combination!

    @Domina I understand completely. Some days I'm better than others about being motivated to go on a run or walk. Keep up the great work, you look awesome!

    @Leci When I lived in Seattle we were always getting pine needles all over our yard also, it was definitely a pain :) I would imagine it would be horrible to grew veggies with!

    @Jessica I'm jealous of your sister in law's herb garden :) I really wish that we had the space for one. Fresh herbs right out of the garden are the best! I hope you like the recipe if you try it :)

  8. I always seem to check your blog when I'm hungry and I end up trying one of your recipes even if I don't have all the ingredients. Obviously, most of the time I fail. Now I'll be thinking about the lemon thyme bread all day :)))

  9. Yum! I'll have to try this. I have lemons and thyme in the kitchen. This would be awesome with soup!

    ~Melissa Placzek

  10. @Andreea I'm sure that your dishes taste better than you think they do :) I am always my worst critic! The lemon-thyme bread is delicious and very easy!

    @Melissa I am making pumpkin soup tonight :) I absolutely love making soup and bread in the fall and winter, they are very comforting!


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