October 1, 2011

Saveur Tzimmes (Root Vegetable Stew)

This weekend has been cold in my area. I actually had to dig around and find my youngest son's winter hat before going out for the day today. Granted like our weather always is in the fall it will be back up to 75 by the end of the week, but the first nip of cold air always makes me in the mood to make warm meals. Virtually all week last week I tried out various new soup and stew recipes. One of my favorite new recipes was from Saveur magazine and for Tzimmes (Root Vegetable Stew).

This recipe has 14 ingredients and the total time is approximately 3 hours. I was finally able to talk to the butcher at my local grocery store and get a great set of beef bones, so I made my own beef stock. Homemade beef stock tastes so much better and is much cheaper than the grocery store varieties. I actually forgot to add the honey and parsley at the end of the recipe. Sometimes, dinner time turns into chaos at my house and I forget last minute details. Luckily, these were optional ingredients and didn't effect the final taste of the recipe. I found that my sweet potatoes took slightly longer than the suggested hour of cooking time. Additionally, I covered the stew the last hour to ensure that the sweet potatoes became tender. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

My husband and I were surprised by how sweet and delicious this stew turned out. The prunes and sweet potatoes blend nicely with the beef, making a nice combination of savory and sweet. As expected my two boys picked out all the beef and ate none of the rest of the stew. That's normal for them and I'm glad that they at least ate the protein. Overall, a delicious fall stew recipe.

For the recipe go to Tzimmes (Root Vegetable Stew).

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