July 1, 2013

Is Your Herb Garden Overflowing? Try Homemade Tarragon Vinegar

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Homemade Tarragon Vinegar

I have been recruited into making dinner for the 4th of July. Normally I plan far ahead, this year is a little different. The 4th of July is my mother-in-laws birthday and I honestly forgot that it was already July this week. This summer seems to be flying by. So I spent yesterday afternoon brainstorming and finding recipes. My husband spent his time going to the store to find supplies to fix the rust on his big charcoal grill. Hopefully I don't end up having to finish his project, he has a habit of starting projects and then I end up finishing them. That's why I have a fall back plan of making ribs in the slow cooker, so even if the grill doesn't work out we still will have a delicious meal. My kids are more excited about the baked beans and macaroni and cheese for sides. They are big fans of southern comfort foods. In preparation for all the cooking I am doing this week I spent last week doing a little prep work. In preparation for making potatoes and potato salad I made homemade Tarragon Vinegar from Taste of Home.

This recipe has two ingredients. It takes 10 minutes of total time, all of which is active and makes 32 servings. I made this recipe exactly as written. The only difference I did was to use an old wine bottle for the vinegar. I let the bottle sterilize in a water bath for 10 minutes and then made the vinegar. In order for the vinegar to pour easily I topped the wine bottle with a vinegar spout.

 I love having homemade vinegars on hand. They are great for adding flavor to potato salad, roasted veggies or any recipe calling for savory vinegar. This recipe with only two ingredients is beyond easy. The flavor turned out great and will make delicious potato salad later in the week.

For the recipe go to Tarragon Vinegar.
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