June 7, 2012

Quaker Soft Baked Bars

This post brought to you by Quaker Oats. All opinions are 100% mine.

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I always assumed that when my oldest started school that my mornings would be easier. I was definitely wrong! My mornings are always rushed with trying to get two boys out the door in time to get my oldest to the bus on time. I am great about making sure that my kids eat breakfast every morning, but I tend to put my own needs on the back burner.What I have discovered is that if I have something quick and wholesome first thing in the morning, it can make the whole rest of my day so much better! Quaker has now introduced their Quaker Soft Baked Bar, which is made with real fruits and nuts that are great for providing the fuel to get  through your morning.

The bars come in two flavors:

  • Banana Nut Bread

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  • Cinnamon Pecan Bread

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Love the flavors, I am a big fan of anything with cinnamon, yum! That would definitely be the flavor that I would try first. My two sons and husband are banana fans and I'm sure they would enjoy the banana nut flavor. I like the fact that these bars are family friendly and would be great for both me in the mornings and my kids for before school breakfasts.

These treats aren't just tasty, but they are a wholesome food that are packed with:
• 140 calories
• 5g of Fiber
• 6g of Protein
• Excellent source of 5 B-Vitamins

These new Quaker Soft Baked Bars would make a great breakfast snack for my whole family. I love that they are easy and take no preparation on a busy morning. The cinnamon pecan flavor is something I will look for next time I am buying quick breakfast foods!

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  1. I've seen these in the stores, but not tried them, yet. I'm a cinnamon fan, too! I checked out the sponsor's site AND downloaded a coupon. Excellent! Can't wait to try them (Quaker Oats, how can you go wrong??). Thanks, Frugal! :)

    1. Cinnamon is the best :) Glad you got the coupon, I use a ton of coupons when shopping!

  2. These look good and I want to try the Cinnamon. Also, you might turn me into a vegetarian; lately, been trying to not have meat a few nights a week too!

    1. The cinnamon looks the best to me also :) I'm glad that you are eating more vegetarian meals! My two boys love eating vegetarian recipes and they are great for you!

  3. These look so yummy. Especially the cinnamon and the banana nut, mmmm... You had found me on blogaholic and left a comment on my blog, http://weightwatchersrecipies.blogspot.com so I had to come over and check you out. I'm glad I did because i love some of the stuff you have on here. It all looks so yummy. :) I'll definately check back.

    1. My favorite is the cinnamon too :) Thanks for the sweet comments, I hope you come and visit again soon!


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