November 9, 2011

Saveur Honey and Herb Biscuits

Growing up my mom's idea of making homemade biscuits were the ones that we bought to go along with the fried chicken from the grocery store. I remember my mom baking and cooking many things, but biscuits were never on the list. When I moved to West Virginia I remember the first time I went home with my husband to meet his parents, and we had biscuits and gravy for breakfast. That was to be the beginning of my love/hate relationship with biscuits. It has taken me approximately 8 years to come to the point that my biscuits are up to my husband's standards. People in West Virginia take their biscuits very seriously and I am always excited to try new recipes. Recently, I was looking through the November issue of Saveur magazine and ran across a recipe for Honey and Herb Biscuits, which looked delicious and perfect as a dinner side.

This recipe has 11 ingredients. It takes approximately 45 minutes of prep and cooking time and makes 2 dozen biscuits. My mother-in-law was in town when I made these and cut out the biscuits. Instead of rolling out her biscuits she pats them out by hand on a plate and then cuts them out with the top of a cup. Her biscuits always turn out fluffy and delicious, so I would highly recommend preparing them this way. When biscuit dough is rolled out flat it causes the biscuits to stay flatter during baking, treat your dough nicely! I had no problems finding any of the ingredients, they were all very basic and I either had them already in my pantry or I was easily able to find at my local grocery store. One major difference that I made to the recipe is the baking time. My mother-in-law and I had a large discussion about this and neither of us could fathom baking biscuits for anywhere near 35 minutes. I normally bake my biscuits approximately 15 minutes, 20 at the most. If I had kept the biscuits in the oven for the full time suggested by the recipe my biscuits would have turned into burnt hockey pucks. I followed the remainder of the recipe as stated.

I served these biscuits with a sea bass pasta dish and they complimented each other nicely. My in-laws were very impressed with these biscuits and they are big biscuit eaters, so I take that as a high compliment. These biscuits were very easy to prepare and I was able to throw them together at eight o'clock at night with a house full of hungry tummies. I loved the combination of fresh herbs and honey, it gave the biscuits a nice well rounded flavor. The best part about these biscuits is that they would go well as either a side dish or a breakfast food, a very versatile recipe.

For the recipe go to Honey and Herb Biscuits.
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