November 19, 2011

Bon Appetit Wild Rice, Fruit, and Pecan Stuffing

Growing up Thanksgiving was always a major event. My mother was one of twelve kids, so large family functions were always the norm. Thanksgiving was always exciting. My mother would make lists weeks ahead of everything that needed to be cleaned, cooked, etc. and eventually her bigger lists would span smaller lists and so on and so forth. The menu would normally stay pretty consistent with turkey, stuffing, and lots of sides. For me everything centered around the stuffing. I absolutely love stuffing and every variation that can be made. A couple of years back I made a rice stuffing, which was delicious and different than traditional stuffing recipes. As I was looking through the November issue of Bon Appetit magazine I noticed a recipe for Wild Rice, Fruit, and Pecan Stuffing, which looked low in fat and full of flavor.

This recipe has 16 ingredients. It makes 8 to 10 servings and takes approximately an hour and a half to prepare and cook. The ingredients in this recipe caused me a few problems. I was only able to find 4 ounce packages of wild rice after looking at multiple stores. Apparently wild rice isn't a common ingredient in my area. Luckily they had the small packages of generic wild rice, which is what I bought. I prepared my own chicken broth. The taste of homemade is much better, and it allows me to make it without all the added salt of the store bought variety. I found that the wild rice took even longer than the forty minutes suggested by the recipe. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

The wild rice in this recipe had a great slightly nutty flavor, which worked well with the dried fruit and pecans. This recipe is a great alternative to traditional high fat stuffing. Additionally, the minimal amount of fat comes from olive oil, not butter. My two boys particularly enjoyed this dish. Granted they picked out the dried fruit and nuts, but for them that's progress. Overall, a great non-traditional stuffing recipe, that would work well with a variety of main courses.

For the recipe go to Wild Rice, Fruit, and Pecan Stuffing.


  1. Hello Ann. Thanks for your visit and Like. I really like this stuffing. Its not traditional but it looks delicious. I also love Pecans. The season for harvesting just ended, so I am going to give this a try. I will still cook the traditional for the purists in my household. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I've never had this before. My mom always makes home made stuffing. I think I might try this and see what everyone thinks.

  3. @Sherlinda I love pecans also, they are one of my favorite nuts! I am cooking oyster stuffing this year, hoping that it goes over well in my household :) Happy Thanksgiving!

    @Sara My mom made stuffing growing up also, it was the best :) I hope you like the recipe if you try it!

  4. New Follower! Sound like a stuffing I would try! Love your blog....please follow me!

  5. Love this recipe! love frosted pecans..thanks for the follow

  6. @LisaLisa It really is yummy and far less fat than traditional stuffing! Followed you back :)

    @COLUMBUS Thanks :) I love pecans also, they are yummy!


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