April 4, 2013

Recipe for Georgia Grits Waffles with Peaches

Click for Recipe for Georgia Grits Waffles with Peaches and Maple Syrup
Georgia Grits Waffles with Peaches and Maple Syrup

Breakfast is always a struggle with my youngest. While I am happiest with Greek yogurt and a cup of coffee he expects a big breakfast. By big I mean waffles, sausage, eggs, grits, you name it. My oldest isn't a big breakfast eater, but he is picky. There are certain breakfast foods that he loves and others he won't touch. I have gone back and forth with breakfast. When I was younger I was horrible about eating much of anything in the morning. In college I ate sugary scones and coffee and survived on little else. Luckily I outgrow this habit, but my breakfast habits didn't get much better. Slowly since my kids were born I have transformed my eating habits and I now eat healthy breakfasts 99 percent of the time. One food that my whole family can agree on is waffles. I only make them on occasion, but they are always well received. This week I tried a new recipe for Georgia Grits Waffles from the November 2012 issue of Southern Living magazine.
Click for Recipe for Gluten Free Georgia Grits Waffles with Peaches and Maple Syrup
Gluten Free Georgia Grits Waffles with Peaches and Maple Syrup

This recipe has 8 ingredients. It takes 50 minutes of total time, 25 minutes of which is active and makes 8 servings. I made two batches of this recipe, one gluten free and one as written. The only major change I made to the recipe was to use low-fat buttermilk and butter spread instead of butter. I made these changes based on what I already had in my fridge. For toppings I used pure maple syrup and frozen peaches. In the gluten free batch I used super fine grain brown rice flour, it would also work with sorghum or white rice flour. One word of advise about the grits. The recipe states to let them cool. Be careful since grits will turn into a solid mass, making for lumps in your waffles. I would suggest letting them cool slightly and being careful when adding the eggs. This way you don't have half cooked eggs in the batter and the grits will not be lumpy.

My youngest really loved these waffles. He ate most of the regular recipe and then moved on to my gluten free waffles. The regular waffles came out fluffy and were great with butter. The gluten free waffles turned out slightly crispy, which was a nice with maple syrup. This would definitely be a recipe I would serve to my family again.

For the recipe go to Georgia Grits Waffles.
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