February 25, 2012

Food Network Magazine Warm Beet-Orange Salad

I'm back! My internet is on and I am so much happier! So back to my normal posts. Since I was sick in January and diagnosed with very low potassium I have made a great effort to include more fruit in my family's diet. I have always been great about preparing vegetables, but fruit is another story. I am happy to report that the last time I had my potassium checked it was perfect and I don't have to go on any daily medication. I feel so much better and less tired now that I have been diligent about including more fruit. Plus I have discovered that fruit can be delicious in recipes. The January/February issue of the Food Network Magazine had a recipe for Warm Beet-Orange Salad, which promised a delicious combination of fruit and vegetables and very simple to prepare.

This recipe  has 7 ingredients. It takes approximately an hour to prepare and cook and makes 6 servings. I actually picked a week to make this dish that beets were very hard to find in my area. It seems that every couple of weeks different vegetables and herbs becomes impossible to find and then in a couple of weeks appear again, it can be very frustrating and doesn't seem to have much rhyme or reason. Luckily, after I went to three stores I was able to find great looking beets to prepare. Make sure to let the beets cool slightly before peeling to prevent burning your hands. Finally, take all the skin off the oranges before segmenting, the taste is better plus it absorbs the dressing more effectively. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

I love how bright this salad turned out. This would make a great salad for Easter or a spring get together. My husband thought that this recipe would benefit from the addition of more flavor. I agree that the addition of fresh basil would elevate the flavor of the dish. Overall, very easy to put together and would make a colorful edition to any table.

For the recipe go to Warm Beet-Orange Salad.
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