February 26, 2012

Better Homes and Gardens Cumin-Rubbed Sweet Potatoes with Sage

Try as I might, I have never been a big fan of baked potatoes. While everyone else is eating a baked potato at steak houses, I am the lone one eating french fries. I have tried adding various toppings, and still the allure eludes me, I just can't enjoy baked potatoes. However, I absolutely love baked sweet potatoes. I love the sweet taste and how versatile they are in recipes. Luckily my two kids also prefer sweet potatoes and we eat them approximately once a week. Recently, the October issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine had a recipe for Cumin-Rubbed Sweet Potatoes with Sage, which looked very simple and a great side for a variety of main dishes.

This recipe has 8 ingredients. It takes approximately an hour and ten minutes to prepare and roast and makes four servings. I had no problems finding any of the ingredients at my local grocery store and therefore made no ingredient modifications. I was out of waxed paper to roll the butter in to freeze, so I used parchment paper instead and it worked fine. My kids aren't fans of strange green foods, so for their servings I left off the fried sage leaves. Remember to try to buy sweet potatoes that are approximately the same size in order to ensure that all the potatoes are cooked at the same rate. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

The combination of sweet and spicy in this recipe is delicious. The butter with the mingling of maple syrup and crushed red pepper is very flavorful and would work well on a number of other breads and vegetables. The skins of the sweet potatoes turn out crisp and full of flavor from the cumin seeds and are a great source of fiber. I still have a large stick of the leftover butter in my freezer and intend to use it with various vegetables in the weeks to come. This is definitely a recipe I will be preparing as a dinner side again in the future.

For the recipe go to Cumin-Rubbed Sweet Potatoes with Sage.


  1. These recipes all look great. I also try to cook from scratch as much as possible, and am always trying to come up with new ideas. Thanks!

    1. Thanks :) Cooking from scratch is so much better tasting, I love it! I hope you come back and find some recipes that you like!

  2. Oh my!!!! My hubby would love this!!!!! Following back from MBC!! <3

  3. That looks really good.

    Stopping by from the Tuesday Hops to say hello.
    Have a great day!


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