March 15, 2012

Better Homes and Gardens Roasted Sweets and Greens

As I've stated before I am not a fan of baked potatoes. I have tried for years to bring myself to like them by making numerous recipes and preparation methods and I still can't acquire the taste. However, I absolutely love sweet potatoes. They are a great versatile root vegetable and I use them frequently. Growing up my mother had similar feelings towards baked potatoes and sweet potatoes so I learned from a young age that sweet potatoes can make a delicious addition to numerous recipes and dishes. I love regular baked sweet potatoes, but they can become mundane if eaten too frequently. The October issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine had a recipe for Roasted Sweets and Greens which looked very easy, flavorful and nutritious.

This recipe has 8 ingredients. It takes 10 minutes of prep and 35 minutes of roasting and makes 4 servings. I was unable to find hazelnuts at any of my local stores, I never have been except shelled during the holidays. Since I was unable to find hazelnuts I substituted macadamia nuts. I had no problems finding any of the other ingredients and made no further ingredient modifications. Be careful and watch the sweet potatoes or they will burn. I turned mine approximately three times during the roasting to ensure even browning. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

The greens in this recipe aren't shown in the above picture. I actually served them on the side instead of on top of the roasted sweet potatoes. This way my boys actually ate both the greens and sweet potatoes without complaints. The best part about this recipe is that it is full of vitamins and has 4 grams of protein per serving. The cider vinegar makes a nice contrast to the peppery arugula and sweetness from the potatoes. Overall, a very simple way to get more nutrition into my family's diet.

For the recipe go to Roasted Sweets and Greens.


  1. I love potatoes...i could eat them for very meal...but not sweet potatoes!!
    this recipe I will try..thanks!! How could you not like baked potatoes?!!

    1. I love potatoes, just not baked :) There is something about the texture of baked potatoes that I just can't get past. Everyone else in my family likes them, but me :) Sweet potatoes can be really delicious if you find the right recipe! Let me know if you liked the recipe if you try it!


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