May 26, 2014

Ozeri Brezza III Dual Oscillating 10 Inch Fan Review

Disclaimer: I received a product in order to facilitate this review. As always all opinions expressed are my own.

I hate being overheated. Having grown up in Seattle I was in no way prepared when I moved to West Virginia. The summers are much hotter and the humidity higher than what I grew up with. The first year I thought that I could get through the summer with no air conditioning or fans. I look back at it now and laugh. I live in air conditioning during the summer, especially when the temps get to 95 with high humidity. My husband and I got married outside in August 10 years ago, my family from Seattle almost melted into the pavement in the 100 degree weather. Luckily, the reception was air conditioned, but my mother never talked about Seattle being hot during the summer ever again. In order to keep my air conditioning costs down I use fans to circulate the cool air throughout the house. Recently, I was given the chance to try the Ozeri Brezza III Dual Oscillating 10 Inch Fan and share my review with all of you.

Here is a list of features that the fan offers:

  • Up/down and left/right oscillation
  • Button can be pushed to stop the oscillation, enabling precise and direct airflow
  • 4 different speeds
  • Ultra quiet
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Has a remote

So what did I think? Overall I really loved this fan. It came out of the box already fully put together, which is always a plus in my book. Since the fan can be stopped during the oscillation, you can have it pointed directly at you when you sleep or straight up and down to save on cooling costs during the summer and warming costs during the winter. The remote is a nice bonus since you can adjust it from across the room while in bed etc. This fan was popular enough in my household that my husband and I are thinking of ordering a second one for my son's room. Plus the soft noise would be a nice way to help him sleep. 

Honestly, my list of cons is really short. The price is 42.95 plus shipping. While this is higher than some fans, it really is well built and very quiet. If you are putting this fan on a desk it might be a little on the large side, but when used in a room like we have been doing it's the perfect size. 

For more information go to the following link: 


  1. I need one of those. I sleep with a fan on every night, so I go through a lot of them :)

    1. My husband likes fan too, the noise helps him to sleep year round.

  2. Ozeri makes a great bathroom scale. I'd love to get one of their fans. I'd also love to visit Seattle. ;)

    1. I haven't tried their scale, but if it's anything like the fan I'm sure it's great! Seattle is a beautiful city, I loved growing up there :)


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