March 19, 2014

Showing My Disney Side with Breakfast!

#Sponsored Disclaimer: I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed are solely my own. 

My two kids are very different. They have different tastes, love different television shows, toys, you name it. They will spend hours disagreeing about what movie character is best, with neither of them winning the argument. My youngest is the huge Disney fan in the house, he loves the older Disney movies. Since so many of them are now available streaming he can pick and chose his favorite movies whenever he wants. Given my son's love of Disney I was excited to be given the opportunity to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration.

Anyone reading this probably already knows that I love food. I really love food. So any party at my house centers around food and lots of it. Kids parties can be a little boring so I decided to switch things up by having a breakfast party using some of the great recipes available on the Disney Side website.

The party pack I received included:

  • Disney napkins, cups, balloons, a tablecloth and a banner
  • Disney tattoos and stickers
  • Disney Bingo, trivia, and face painting kits
  • HP photo card packs
  • Disney vacation planning DVDs
  • Disney cookie cutters and cupcake wrappers
  • 6 pack of Craisins Dried Cranberries and coupons
  • American Tourister Luggage
  • Measuring cups and recipe cards from ABC's The Chew

My kids absolutely love breakfast foods. Given their love of all things breakfast I decided that breakfast foods would be the perfect fit with a Disney party. I used two recipes from the site and a few recipes of my own. The two recipes I used from the site were the Cinderella's Dreamy Pumpkin Waffles and Biddidi  Bobbidi Boo Berry Smoothies. 

The smoothies were delicious with frozen strawberries, but would also work with blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries. 

For the wafflesI changed the recipe to be gluten free by using gluten free all purpose flour. I also added additional canned pumpkin (the entire can). They were delicious, light and fluffy, yum! 

The kids had a blast watching old Disney movies while enjoying the Disney food recipes, tattoos and stickers. My youngest son made a whole shoebox diorama with the stickers, it was pretty cute! 

Here are the links to the recipes I used: Waffles and Smoothie. 

For other great recipes and Disney activities go to the following links: 

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