February 27, 2014

Blog Forward 2014 Challenge 1 #BlogForward

Disclaimer: I entered the ZonePerfect Blog Forward program and received complimentary product and ZonePerfect promotional items in order to facilitate this and future posts.  However, I am free to comment about ZonePerfect in a positive, neutral or negative fashion.
I try to eat healthy as often as possible. Most days I am successful, but as the mother of two boys I also have the days where I forget to eat anything except a handful of almonds and coffee before dinner time. Given that as I get older I am trying to make sure I take care of myself in addition to my family I am excited to be a part of the Blog Forward Challenge by ZonePerfect. Throughout the year they will be sending me products, tips, post topics etc. that I will share with all 
my readers. 
#BlogForward Challenge #1
#BlogForward Challenge #1
The first challenge and the topic of this post is to write 3 New Year's resolutions and write a letter to my future self in order to keep myself on track. So here goes: 
  • Take more time to myself. 
I am horrible about putting everyone else first. I wake up early everyday to make my husband's lunch and breakfast. One would think that I would also make myself something to eat, but oftentimes I don't. This year I am going to try to do a better job of making sure I take the time to do small things like make myself breakfast in order to keep my health in check. 
  • Learn to Relax
This goes along with resolution number one. I am going to make an attempt this year to let myself relax. I get busy doing 10 different things and forget that just sitting and reading a book, having a cup of tea etc is a good thing. This year I will try to make sure that I fit relaxation into my schedule. 
  • Eat Breakfast
This is the resolution that directly relates back to ZonePerfect. I go back and forth with my breakfast habits. Some weeks I am a rockstar and eat a healthy breakfast every day, other weeks I have coffee and nothing else. I am determined to change this habit this year. I am getting closer to 40 and I really need to start changing my breakfast habits. A number of the ZonePerfect bars that I was sent to try were gluten free and have a decent amount of protein. I have the stash in my cupboard and grab them when I forget to eat. I am slowly working on making sure I eat every morning (it will happen!). 

Dear Future Self, 

This year you will do a better job of taking care of yourself. The last two years have had hospitalized pneumonia and a antibiotic resistant case of strep. You are not young enough to let your health and well being not be a priority. In order to take care of other people you need to take care of yourself first. This year you will take the time to eat better, relax and remember it is okay to be a little selfish, you deserve it! 
#BlogForward Challenge #1
#BlogForward Challenge #1
Look for more posts to come (including giveaways) from ZonePerfect! Here are a few tips from ZonePerfect: 


  1. I make sure everyone else eats breakfast, but I'm not near as good about that for myself.

    Looking forward to learning more about ZonePerfect.

  2. This is what I need to do. I hate to try to lose weight without a buddy! Good luck and kudos to you.

    1. I have been doing pretty well with my resolutions. While I hate the treadmill I do at least 40 minutes a day :) Eating breakfast I am still working on though, it's a hard habit to get myself into!


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