October 24, 2013

Customized Rings from Creation Source #LovingMemories

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As most of you know I love to take pictures. Of food, my kids, my city, you name it. What I am horrible about doing is taking the photos and doing something other than posting them on my blog or storing them on my computer. While some people are great about printing photos, making photo books etc, I'm not. So I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to review a custom photo ring from Creation Source. 

I had so many great memories to chose from involving my kids. For the ring I was able to chose 8 photos, giving me a variety of images of both of my kids. One of my favorite memories is from my kids dressed up for Halloween a couple of years back. My youngest was so excited, it was the first year that he understood what was going on and how to say trick or treat etc. It is a great memory! 

It is nice having 8 memories of my two boys to carry with me on my hand. 
So what did I think of the ring? Here is my breakdown of pros and cons: 

  • Being able to have 8 pictures to wear as jewelry
  • Ring can either be black and white or color
  • Easy to show pictures of kids etc to others


  • My ring wasn't an exact 5 1/2. I have tiny hands and it is loose on my pinkie finger, which is where I would normally wear it. It's so loose that it fits loosely on my ring finger. 
  • The pictures are a little on the grainy side. Now I take a lot of photos and I am a very picky photo editor. I don't know if the graininess would be something other people would notice or if I am picky. 
  • The ring had an odd smell to it when it arrived. It still smells slightly like glue, this might be a concern for someone with sensitive skin or allergies (both of my boys have contact dermatitis so I always think of skin issues). 

Overall, I love the idea of having a custom ring with pictures of my kids to wear. These rings would make nice gifts for a relative living far away and are a unique way to share pictures of your children with grandmothers, aunts etc. 

The company also makes custom Apple computer logos. These look like they would be right up my ally and would make a great gift for Apple users!

For more information go to the following links: 


  1. I am a photo nut and I love to do these kind of photo gifts for family.

    1. I'm a photo nut too, I'm just bad about doing anything with the photos once I take them :)

  2. That is a really cool idea! I've never seen anything like this before.

    1. It is a neat idea, I had never seem anything like it before either. They would make great gifts for family that lives far away!

  3. Replies
    1. I agree it's a great idea, especially as a gift!

  4. I have very sensitive skin so won't be able to wear it but it does sound like a really great idea. Having pics of your children or family on one ring. I personally would prefer the apple logo though for my computer. :)

    1. My two boys are the same way so I understand :) The Apple logos look like the item I would like the best too, it would be a great way to personalize my MacBook!

  5. Oops...I meant to leave a comment using this profile ...( so I deleted my comment above ) ..sorry about that!

    I think this ring sounds pretty!

  6. The ring is such a neat idea...I have never seen those! Love it!

    1. I had never seen anything like it before either. It's a neat idea!

  7. I saw this on G+ and had to come look. How cool is this???!!


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