May 10, 2013

Sponsored Review of "The Fast Metabolism Diet" by Haylie Pomroy

 This is a sponsored review see disclaimer at the bottom of the post for full details. 

I have been lucky that most of my life I have been able to stay thin without a great deal of effort. There was a time though that even though I was running miles everyday I was also eating most of my meals away from home. My weight got up to 145 pounds, which for me is much heavier than I normally maintain. It took me moving 2500 miles away and cooking everything from scratch to lose 30 pounds. After having kids I maintain my weight at approximately 128 pounds. I still work out everyday on my treadmill and I do not allow pre-packaged snacks in my house. Even though I am happy with my current weight I am always interested in new food options that keep my food choices in check. Recently I was given the opportunity from SheSpeaks and the Fast Metabolism Diet to try the "Fast Metabolism Diet" book and review my progress.

Haylie Pomroy has helped thousands of clients to lose weight in 28 days. Her new book emphasizes three phases, that she promises will set your metabolism on fire.
  • Phase 1 - Unwind stress and calm the adrenals (days 1 and 2). Lots of carbs and fruit. At least one day of vigorous cardio, like running. 
  • Phase 2 - Unlock stored fat and build muscle (days 3 and 4). Lots of proteins and veggies. At least one day of strength training. 
  • Phase 3 - Unleash the burn - hormones, heart and heat (days 5 to 7). All of the above foods plus healthy fats and oils. Do at least one day of stress reducing activity such as yoga. 
Here are two recipes that I tried (with permission to re-print) from the book:
Click for Recipe for Oatmeal Fruit Smoothie Phase 1
Oatmeal Fruit Smoothie Phase 1

Oatmeal Fruit Smoothie

Serves 1

Phase 1

1/2 cup steel-cut oats
1/2 cup frozen fruit, such as pineapple or strawberries
1/2 cup ice cubes
1 packet Stevia or Xylitol 
Ground cinnamon, to taste

Put the oats in a blender and pulse until they reach a powdery consistency. Turn off the blender and add 1 cup water. Incorporate the remaining ingredients into the mix and blend until smooth. Serve.
Click for Recipe for Berry Nutty Oatmeal Smoothie
Berry Nutty Oatmeal Smoothie

Berry Nutty Oatmeal Smoothie

Serves 1

Phase 3

1/2 cup oats, steel-cut or old-fashioned
1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
1/2 cup frozen fruit
1/2 cup ice cubes
1 packet Stevia
Ground cinnamon, to taste.

Put the oats in a blender and pulse until it becomes a powder. Add the sunflower seeds and continue to blend until finely ground. Turn off the blender and add 1 cup of water and the remaining ingredients. Blend until smooth.
So what did I think of the book? First off let me reiterate that I do not need to lose weight, so this book was more to see if the food options helped me further define my muscles. Also since I eat gluten free some of the recipes were not things that I could try. Here is a list of pros and cons:

  • Book is very easy to follow. Everything is broken down and explained very well. There is even a website if you have additional question. 
  • The three phases are set up nicely and work well together. 
  • There is an extensive recipe section with many things to chose from. 
  • The smoothies were way too watery for my tastes. I make a Greek yogurt smoothie for breakfast every morning. The yogurt has 24 grams of protein and I combine it with almond milk and frozen fruit. To me this is a better way to go, the smoothies from the book did not taste appealing to me. 
  • The idea of 'eat more food' didn't work in my situation. I eat a lot more food on a daily basis and never have a problem with my weight. This book didn't make me lose any weight and I felt hungry far more often than I normally do. 
  • I think this would work better for people that need to completely change their lifestyle. Since I already have a healthily lifestyle there wasn't anything that I felt would greatly benefit me personally. 
 If your interested in learning more for yourself about the book and program here are a few links to visit:

Facebook page:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/FastMetabolismDiet. As always all opinions expressed are my own.

I received permission to print all recipes. To fail to do so is in violation of copyright.
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