May 3, 2013

Pure Natural Diva Botanicals Review

This is a sponsored review see disclaimer at the bottom of the post for full details. 

As many of you now I was born and raised in Seattle. What you might not know is that I was also born into a large family (my mother was the oldest of 12) of artists. My grandfather and great-grandparents created metal and stone sculptures, while my mother could great beautiful water colors. They were also very into the natural environment and using things derived from nature. As an adult I have continued this tradition. I try to find products that while functional and beautiful, also don't add unnecessary things to my diet or environment. Plus I like to look and smell great, so products that make me feel good are essential. Recently, I was sent 4 samples of the new Pure Natural Diva Botanicals 100% natural botanical perfumes to review.

Some of you are probably asking yourself why should I be interested in natural perfume. When I was growing-up my mother never bought traditional perfumes and instead used natural essential oils and made her own lotions etc. She had horrible asthma and just walking into the perfume department at the mall could send her into an attack. After I had my two boys I learned that they had inherited my skin allergies and both have contact dermatitis and my oldest gets horrible eczema. The new Pure Natural Diva Botanicals line aims at people with similar problems. Here is an excerpt from their webpage:

"Having spent years in the natural space, It was remarkable to me that there wasn’t a perfume option on the market for people like me… or those with perfume allergies, and importantly parents of children who suffer from allergies or asthma.   I mean, we all like to smell good, right? Was it too much to ask for a true botanical product, that was sophisticated, elegant and didn’t make me feel like I was sacrificing style for choosing a synthetic free option?"

 I received the 4 new perfumes to try for myself. The scents are as follows:

The Pure Natural Diva Scents

The Pure Natural Diva line of organic perfumes consists of 4 scents, Pure, Natural Diva, and Elixir.
  • Pure is sensually uplifting, like sunny day in a mixed field of lemongrass and Lavender. Notes include uplifting cassie, soothing chamomile, lemon, lime and an Egyptian neroli.
  • Natural is fresh and inviting: Imagine a picnic in a rose-bordered citrus grove.  Notes include a hint of clary sage, exalting pink grapefruit, Moroccan rose, and soothing ylang ylang.
  • Diva is full of soul—sultry and mysterious.  Notes include natural musk derived from Ambrette, sinfully smooth New Caledonian Sandalwood, blended together in a lusciously robust Vanilla.
  • Elixir wakens the senses, like a lingering morning with an ocean view.  Notes include aphrodisiacal vanilla, a hint of oakmoss, exquisite osmanthus, married with rejuvenating pink grapefruit and red mandarin.
 Heavy scents tend to come off as too strong on me. I am always hesitant to try new scents for fear that they will give me migraines or not smell good once applied to my skin. Luckily all four of the scents I did not have a reaction to. Of the 4 scents, there was one scent that for me stood out. The Elixir, is a little too strong. I think if I was a little older it would be perfect, but since I am in my 30's I prefer scents that are a little more fruit based. The Diva definitely smells musky, which I know that a lot of people like. The scent was pleasant, but a little too heavy of the sandlewood for me. The Pure was my second favorite scent. The lemon and lime are very nice and it has almost a soothing smell to it. By far my favorite scent was the Natural. The Natural scent is citrus based, which is the type of smell that I am always drawn to first. This would definitely be a perfume that I could see myself wearing and I love that it isn't too strong and I didn't find it over powering once I was wearing it.

With the rapid expansion of the natural and organic household items market it can be a little overwhelming to find a product that works. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the Natural scent perfume and the fact that it is all natural and an organic perfume is an added bonus. I do wish that they might have a few more scents in the future or a way to customize the scent for your specific needs. There are stores back home that allow you to add natural essential oils to various products (lotions etc.). It would be nice if the natural perfumes could be added to other products in addition to the straight perfumes.

For more information you can go to the following pages:

Disclaimer: I received 4 samples from Pure Natural Diva Botanicals in order to facilitate this review. As always all opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. wow..I like the idea of natural perfumes! And you are right.. people who are severly allergic to normal perfumes should also have an option to smell great without any health hazards.. great review :)

    1. I like that they are natural perfumes too!

  2. This sounds awesome. I am always Leary of new scents, too, because strong ones really bother me. I will have to check this out.

    1. I understand about strong scents, they affect me the same way too!

  3. Interesting...I'm going to have to check this out!

  4. Sounds like some products my fiancee' would want to check out.

    1. They are something that a lot of women would like!

  5. I can't decide which of the four I would like best. I don't like floral fragrances from products at all, but I adore citrus scents.


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