April 26, 2013

Guest Post: Food Strangers Who Become Food Friends

My name is Joanne aka mickeydownunder and today I am VERY excited to be Guest Posting thanks to Ann.

They say” (whoever they are :)), everyone in the world is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. I “used” to think I would have to live long enough to see this theory proven.

It was only when I “realized” through my passions and hobbies (which always revolve around food ;-) ) HOW true this theory is!

I am formerly American born and bred, (New York), now an Aussie who calls Australia home! I have the most wonderful husband (Chef Georgio as he is known in my blog posts on What’s On The List?  ;-) We are “truly” like two peas in a pod (yes food related and just ask our friends  :) )

Around 2002, I signed up to (formerly Recipezaar) as mickeydownunder. I am “THE BIGGEST” Mickey Mouse fan! I believe strangers are just friends one has not met yet! Over the years, I have met MANY wonderful food strangers, now friends online; SarasotaCooks aka TWINIE from Florida, have personally met Julie (and her lovely family) from Queensland, Australia, Leggy Peggy and Poor John from Canberra, Australia who has a travel blog called Where To Next?  and a food blog What’s Cooking on Page 32

I was chosen Member of the Month last November should you wish to read the interview. (

Over the past month, I was Googling something (food related of course :) ) and came across a ‘welcoming site” called Winelady Cooks . I was looking to see if Joanne’s (connection Joanne :) ) Foodie Friends Friday Parties were for me!  What a GREAT way to meet new food strangers (like Ann) who now are food friends online around the world too!
For this week’s Crock Pot Party, I brought/“linked” my Oatmeal Amaranth SeededBread Cooked in a Crock Pot

See how “six degrees of separation” actually makes the world a smaller place? ;-)

I thought I would “interview” myself with some questions, so Food Strangers out there might like to become Food Friends too! ;-)

1. Why did you name your blog What’s On The List?
Everyone has that “proverbial” folder of “clipped and snipped” recipes they SAY they will make “one day”; but that day never “really” comes, but it does not stop us all from adding more “saved” recipes to the folder. I have now opened my folder and making recipes I never thought in a million years I would be able to do.

2. What’s been you most difficult food challenge to date?
Other than the Lemon Meringue Pie “incident” in my above interview, I recently was VERY “challenged” in deboning a chicken as part of the Daring Kitchen Cooks Challenge. I am also a member of the Daring Kitchen Baker’s Challenges too! I can “laugh” about the “challenge” and you can read for yourself on my Make No Bones About It post.

3. Did you always have a “passion” for cooking?
LOL…goodness no! I didn’t learn to cook until I developed the secret to a man’s heart was through his stomach too! ;-)

4. If you could meet a food related person, who would it be?
MARCO, MARCO, MARCO Pierre White…as I find him “intellectually stimulating”, “inspiring” and through his food, he “excites and delights” It would be THE BIGGESt “honour and privilege” meeting him and I “continue” to dream nightly that MARCO, MARCO, MARCO actually calls me!

5. Lastly, how would you describe your food success to date?
Success to me has always been defined (food or otherwise) by IF you could “touch” one person (truly “touch their heart and soul” and make a difference, than that’s what continues to be the “PASSION AND ENTHUSIASM” that “fires my desire” within me. There is nothing better than to cook with TLC, and the laughter, smiles and memories with friends …well, there is NO better food and life recipe!


  1. G'day Ann and thank you SO much for my first experience as a Guest Post!
    Look forward to continue to meeting other food strangers who will be food friends too!
    We are all connected through something and for me (with a nickname like FANG), I am glad it is worldwide through food! WHOO HOO! :)
    What's On The List?

    1. Thanks for guest posting :) I agree that connecting through food is a great way to get to know people on-line, there are some great people to meet!

  2. Hi Joanne/mickeydownunder -- I feel blessed to be your online as well as face-to-face friend. Love the look of that oatmeal bread too.

    1. I agree, the oatmeal bread looks great!

  3. The way to a man's heart is definitely through his stomach!!

    1. I agree, my husband loves my cooking :)

  4. Replies
    1. She did a great guest post, I agree!

  5. Nice guest post.Seems like so many of us come together over food.

    1. I agree, I have met so many great people online while talking about food!

  6. Great Post! Stopping by from Aloha blog hop!


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