February 22, 2013 Glasses Review

I was always one of those kids with great vision growing-up. My mother always wore glasses, but I always thought that it wouldn't pass on to me. Then in high-school I noticed that the board was becoming harder to see and the leaves on trees looked more like blobs. Since I was working after school I used my money to go in for an eye exam and it turned out I needed glasses. Being a teenage girl I decided that I would wear contacts. I stayed wearing contacts until having kids. Once my oldest was born I had a horrible time falling asleep in my contacts and always wearing my contacts longer than I should. So I switched to glasses.

The one thing that has always been hard with having to wear contacts or glasses is the price. Even the lower end plastic frames at the store tend to run over a hundred dollars and if they scratch or if I just plain get tired of them I have to spend another chunk of money to get a new pair. I don't know about other glasses wearers, but I like to have a number of frames in order than I can change them depending on my mood, outfit etc. One of the ways that I have found to saw money while still looking stylish is to order glasses on-line. Recently I was given the opportunity to try a new pair of glasses from

Here is the link to the glasses I chose. I love how easy it is to find great frames on-line from my living room couch. Here are the pros:
  • The prescription was spot on.
  • The frames that I chose are well made and fit my face perfectly.
  • They came quickly and were delivered right to my door. 
  • There aren't a large amount of frames to choose from on the site. 
  • A lot of the frames are unisex, so the frames tend to be on the larger side.
  • It's hard to gauge what glasses will look and feel like on-line. 
Overall, I was very happy with the glasses that I chose. My husband really liked the frames and that they are different than the frames that I already have.  This would be a site that I would order from again.

For more information or to pick out a new pair of glasses for yourself visit their site at

Right now they also have a great program called the First Pair Free Program. Here are the details:
  • For new customers only. One pair per person.
  • Free eyewear complemented with 1.50 index single vision lenses. You just need to pay the shipping.
  • Full refund for dissatisfaction.
  • The free glasses list will be updated irregularly. Please keep a close eye on the update:
    Faceook, Twitter, Firmoo Blog 
They also have a great feature where you can virtually try on the glasses so that you know what they look like before you purchase. 
Disclaimer: In exchange for this post I was given a free pair of glasses to review. As always all opinions expressed are my own and I received no further compensation. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion!
    It is a good starter program, It seems.

    Thanks for visiting us at

    We are now following you and look forward to your foodie recommendations!

    1. Thanks for the follow back :) Come back again soon!

  2. Good to know. As a glasses wearer, I am always looking out for places that I can get mine a little bit cheaper. This sounds like a good place to check out the next time I Need a new pair.

    1. I used to wear both contacts and glasses, but now I have just switched to glasses. I love ordering them online :)

  3. Now that I use transition lenses, I have to go to a local place but before that, I ordered online and did have some good luck. Those are cute and I'm glad the Rx was right.

    1. I know a lot of people that love transition lenses!

  4. I would love a pair of vintage looking reading glasses from them. I got lasic a few years ago, but will need reading glasses eventually...

    1. I love vintage looking glasses also very cute :)

  5. Thanks for this review. Good to know about this website.

  6. The red is cute! How do they fit?
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