July 29, 2012

Bare Fruit Snacks

My two boys are both growing like weeds. They can go through a fridge full of food in only a few days. I try to cook and bake as many things as I can from scratch, but there are some exceptions to this rule. During weekends my family always seems to be in a rush from store-to-store and t-ball practices etc. Often my two kids are hungry and I need something quick to be able to give them before a complete meltdown ensues. For these times I like to keep the snacks simple, quick, and with as few unknown ingredients as possible. Recently, I was sent a sample of Bare Fruit Snacks to sample to see if it fit my family's needs.

Here is some background information on Bare Fruit Snacks:
"Bare Fruit is a healthy snack you and your family will love. Low in calories, high in fiber
and naturally sweet, Bare Fruit is the perfect in-between snack or lunch time addition.
Our ingredients list is simple: Fruit. No other chip bares it all in the name of health
and no other chip tastes as good."

My favorite part about the apple chips that I sampled is that they have a very short ingredient list, just apples. The apples are bake dried within 30 miles of the orchard and are USDA certified organic with no pesticides, sustainable farming, and local production. I love that they are made in the part of Washington state that my mother grew up in and that they are a product from my home state.

There are six products available:
  • fuji apple chips
  • granny smith apple chips
  • cinnamon apple chips
  • dried cherries
  • dried mangos
  • dried pears
The product that I sampled was the cinnamon apple chips. I love that they are all natural and organic and my two boys loved them. They were great for something quick on the go and I felt good that I was giving my kids a snack without preservatives and additives.

Interested in learning more? Here are some links to check out:

Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product in order to facilitate this review. No further compensation was received and as always all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. That was a real good review.

    I am your latest follower from the Naptime Review hop. Please follow back.
    One Chic Mom

  2. as a mom of two boys (baby and toddle but they sure do eat!) I am excited to try these snacks. I am always looking for something quick to feed the before meltdowns ensue ! I found you on MBC, Liked and followed on all social platforms. Looking forward to trying some of your tested recipes.

    1. I have two boys also, so I completely understand :) Followed you back, I hope you find some new recipes to try!


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