May 14, 2012

StyleUnited: New View, New You

I know your used to hearing me talk about food all day, every day, but I am also a woman that loves all things beauty related. Growing up I would spend hours watching my mom put on her make-up and pick out her jewelry, it was all very fascinating to me. As I grew up I became obsessed with fashion and inventing my own sense of style. Some styles were winners, other I look back on the photos and cringe (was I really sure that the ruffled top and flashy hat were good together???). Now that I am a mom I have a lot less time to spend on myself, but the small amounts of time that I do have I always try to put my best foot forward. I look through blogs, fashion magazines, ask friends, and look at stores to find what beauty trends work for me. Recently, I was given the opportunity to review the StyleUnited site as a member of SheSpeaks. Here's the details: 

"StyleUnited is brought to you by brands including Olay, Frederic Fekkai, DDF Skincare and Cover Girl. Providing access to exclusive editorial content and personalized recommendations, StyleUnited connects women to their full style potential using these unique tools:
  • Style 360 - a fully personalized diagnostic quiz that has been designed to understand your individual needs in skin care, hair care, cosmetics and fashion.
  • Customized Beauty and Fashion Content - hundreds of curated articles, blogs and how-to videos from industry experts created to answer your every question while keeping you up on the latest trend news."
StyleUnited is full of photos, articles and how-to's that help women to find the beauty information they are looking for. I love being able to find so many resources in one place. Interested? Join StyleUnited today and you are eligible to win our StyleUnited: New View, New You Giveaway! Click here for more details.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks and StyleUnited.  I received a product in exchange for this post and as always all opinions expressed are my own.



  1. I'll admit, I don't spend much time on my appearance. Especially lately! I get busy and forget to put on make-up! I'll check out StyleUnited, though. Maybe I can pick up some tips :) Thanks, Frugal!

    1. I am better some days more than others :) I do put make-up on everyday, but that's a must to cover chicken pox scars from when I was younger. I'm lucky though if I get through the day without some sort of stain on my clothes, so I live in my jeans :)

  2. thanks for the wonderful tips..nice post.
    Tasty Appetite

  3. Found you on the MMM Hop! I don't have a lot of time for a beauty regimen anymore either. But my husband always notices when I brush my hair and put on mascara. Ha.

    1. I totally understand, with two kids my time is pretty limited also, mascara can do wonders :)


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