October 15, 2011

Stop Being a Zombie and #ComeAlive to Win $2500

Growing up, my mother was a receptionist and my father was a janitor. We lived in a big city and money was almost always tight. My parents never complained about their jobs or money, but as far back as I can remember the value of education was instilled in my head. I can recall my mother sitting up with me in second grade doing advanced math, since I was ahead and there was no way to teach me one-on-one at school. Thanks to my parents pushing and lots of hard work I became the first one in my family to graduate college. I worked for a year and then decided to go back to get my master's degree. Long story short, I met my husband, got married, finished the degree and had two kids. I'm now in my thirties and am a stay-at-home mom. Life is about to change drastically for my family as my husband goes back to school next fall after deciding that the job that he currently has isn't what he wants to do as a career. The thought of sitting at his computer 8 hours a day until retirement motivated him enough to take action. When he's done in three years I have a feeling that I will be next in line to go back to school. The love of learning instilled by my parents is still very much apparent.

Are you tired of sitting staring at your computer 8 hours a day or have that nagging feeling that you want to do more? That's where can help. They encourage you to no be like Zoey the Zombie, stuck at a job you don't like, but instead be more. They have a really cute zombie commercial (who doesn't love zombies?), that encourages watchers to do better for themselves through education. Even better, currently they are having a Come Alive contest, which has a $2,500 prize.  To enter, make a 60 second or less video that shows how you can "Come Alive" with education and enter it here. The top video wins $2500 and there will also be bi-monthly chances to win $100 American Express gift cards. So, if you interested in sharing you story with the world go to here, watch the MyEducation Zombie Girl Come Alive and to gain access to MyEducation TV. 

So  don't look like this:
 Take the steps to Come Alive today and submit your video! In addition to the website, you can also connect to in the following ways:

Like them on facebook.  
Follow on twitter.  
Subscribe to the YouTube channel.  

Good luck to everyone that submits a video, I'm sure you have great ideas! I would love to hear your stories, share!

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  1. Well it sounds like you have your priorities straight! And your children will probably have those same successful values as well :-)

  2. Hi I"m a new follower from the weekend blog hop!


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