April 28, 2011

Gogo's Crazy Bone Bonanza

Recently I was chosen to host a Gogo's Crazy Bone Bonanza party through Child's Play Party. In return for hosting the event, I received Gogo's Crazy Bone Sticker Albums, Gogo's "Flow" Packs with 3 Gogo's and single Gogo's Packs to give out to guests in addition to items for my sons.

Gogo's Crazy Bones are small figurines that children can collect and use to play games. They are brightly colored and shaped to fit onto a child's finger. You can see more on their official website and Wikipedia article.

The party was a huge hit, with a variety of ages attending. My four-year-old, while too young for the game portion loves using the Gogo's as action figures. The older children enjoyed several game-play suggestions spelled out in the sticker book. Most of the parents have purchased additional figures since the party with one child receiving an entire Easter basket full of GGCBs. My husband and the mother of that particular child are members of the same civic organization and, during a recent meeting, the youngster could be heard playing with the Gogo's and teaching other children how to play, therefore making the game go viral amongst his friends. All-in-all it was a great party for a genuinely fun toy!

Disclaimer: I received products for my child to keep in return for hosting this party, no other compensation was received.


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  15. I used to have crazy bones when I was little!
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