March 2, 2011


I have a rant against something that interferes with my money saving ability. There are several people in my area that have 12 or more CVS cards per household and shelf clear the weekly deals using $/$$ coupons that they got off of message boards, not in their emails. They claim that since CVS has no formal written policy against multiple cards, that they are allowed to do this (I have never found anything on their webpage saying one way or the other, boo CVS!). The $/$$ coupons are another sore point, I only get them once in a blue moon in my email from CVS, however, every week they are posted on message boards that people have re-posted. They beep at the register, but many cashiers push them through. Why cant CVS just switch to getting the $/$$ coupons out of the CRT machine instead of email, therefore eliminating the fraud!!!!

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